Paranormal Mystery

Elvira Wonders is a lighthearted look at life in a tiny, midwestern town where creatures live alongside humans.


When economic hard times hit, residents search for way to keep their town alive. It takes a newly hired village manager to point out the obvious: Tourists will pay real money to see fairies, giants, thunderbirds and nymphs. They’ll be thrilled to walk among werewolves and vampires, to visit an active, ancient Egyptian community. ELvira can have jobs and prosperity again!

Just before opening day, someone starts spellbinding fairies, slashing werewolves and setting the vampires at each others' throats. Ghost hunter Josh Seldom and his (mostly human) friends must stop the mayhem. But in a town full of monsters, how do you find a killer?

Mystery, magic, humor--and a touch of romance

“I enjoyed my time in Elvira and would happily jump on a bus for a return visit.”


“I fell into the story and could hardly pull myself out.”


“Engages you from the word go and keeps you involved until the end.”


“This was a truly delightful story.”


“Sanna Hines is a skilled storyteller, and I found myself enchanted by her characters, both human and mythical.”